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Directions to our Soap Mill

Customer service: +20-102-354-2335


Arabesco Str, Sidi Gaber, Nozha
Alexandria, Egypt.  

Tax ID #  212/5/4105/191/00/13


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New Arrivals

Our Online Store was founded by like-minded individuals, a group of professionals dedicated to building 
innovative, smart and easy online shopping solutions. At Sabonita, we guarantee that every single purchase you make will
 be a seamless process from start to finish. 

100% Natural

We do our due diligence to carefully vet our raw materials, and make sure they are of good quality. 


Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago

No Fat

All our products are free from animal fat (tallow & lard). We do not test our products on animals. 

Value for Money

We price our products in a manner, so most people can benefit from them. We manage to keep our margins low, by buying our raw materials in bulk, directly from the source.

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